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Ask the Expert – January 2016

Prudence- I recently interviewed for a sales manager position and went through 3 different rounds of interviews, took two online tests and the company is saying they want me, but before they make the offer I have to go spend a day doing anothe

Ask the Expert – November 2015

Hi Pru, I have an offer that I accepted and I know it’s traditional to give a two week notice, but is it really mandatory? I ask because the company I’m with now has lost a few people in the last month and all but one was walked out the do

Ask the Expert – September 2015

  Hi Prudence- Is there a “not to exceed” ration within a sales agency between sales people and inside support staff? In other words, should an agency be concerned if it has 6 sales people and 5 inside (non-sales) support people?

Ask the Expert – July 2015

  Hi Prudence- Should I stay or should I go now? But seriously, I just accepted an offer for what is going to the best job I’ve ever had and desperately want to walk out of my current job right now. Do I HAVE to give two weeks’ not

Ask the Expert – May 2015

  Hi Prudence- I took a job sort of as a stop gap with a small distributor and now am ready to move on as my non-compete has expired. I WAS making over $100,000 in my previous job, but am now at $60,000. I have to fill in compensation