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Recent Successful Placements – June 2014

  Senior Applications Engineer – Power Electrical Equiptment Mfr Lighting Division Manager – Electrical Distributor VP of Operations – Electrical Distributor Regional Sales Manager – Lighting Manufacturer Key Account

Recent Successful Placements – May 2014

  Director of Engineering – Wire & Cable Manufacturer Senior Manager Lighting Projects – Electrical Distributor Key Account Manager – Electrical Distributor Business Development Specialist – Electrical Distributor

Fear of Hiring

Fear of hiring is a powerful force. Just the thought of hiring a stranger and bringing them into your own formal social network of real humans (as opposed to virtual) is unsettling. What if the new guy isn’t what we thought he was? What if he

Recent Successful Placements – April 2014

VP Purchasing – Lighting Manufacturer Operations Director – Electrical Distributor Inside Sales at Branch – Wire & Cable Distributor VP Sales – Electrical Distributor Regional Sales Manager – Energy Mgmt Products Mfgr

Mega-Trend Sales Planning

The beauty of the electrical industry is that life as we know it is completely reliant on an adequate supply of electricity. Whether that ‘electricity’ is in the form of wireless communications or in the form of 760KV utility power; electri

Recent Successful Placements – January 2014

Product Manager – Electrical Manufacturer Lighting Designer – Lighting Design Firm Product Marketing Manager – Electrical Manufacturer Sales Director – Electrical Manufacturer VP Sales – Electrical Distributor VP Sales

The Comforts of Being Inbred

Our clients range from Fortune 100 to ‘Will Never make a Fortune’. We range from multi-billion dollar global corporations to pre-revenue startups; and virtually every size in between. There are a lot differences across those companies, with

Recent Successful Placements – December 2013

VP Sales – Electrical Distributor in South Carolina Design Engineer – Architectural Lighting Manufacturer Product Specification Specialist – Cable and Wire Harness Manufacturer Product Marketing Manager – Energy Management Ma

Tech’d Up – Trends in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is all aflutter about the rumored decline in their market. The fallout from this trend is that the layoffs within the industry have been largely targeted against the more senior techies; most of whom are all of 40 years old. The

Lack of Talent in the Electrical Industry, and Other Myths

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