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Egret’s Annual Women in Industry Survey

Diversity: “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people”. For 9 consecutive years we reviewed the number of women attendees at the National NAED conference as

How to Attract Young Professionals

The Department for Professional Employees reports there are over 75 million young workers (ages 18-35) in the US*. In this age group, more than half (50.4) are women and 70% have earned either an Associate degree or an occupational or vocational cert

Note to Self: Get Out of My Own Way

I attended an inspiring recruiters conference a few years ago and walked away with a new mindset that’s stuck with me, although some days more than others. It’s simple: stop holding yourself back. At some point, we all fall into a rut and/or sta

Customer Ownership

In a recent MDM article*, author John Gunderson raised an important issue about ‘sales’. His premise is that customers have changed and the mindset of how a salesperson ‘calls’ on the customers has changed as well. He posits 3 differing types

Why Take a Call from a Recruiter…

Opportunities don’t go away, they just go to someone else. I talk to countless people and 99% of them tell me no and that’s okay, I’m driven to that 1% who say ‘maybe’. If you’re reading this, we’ve likely crossed paths in my efforts to

Industry Recruiters

Part 2: Retaining Candidates and New Employees I present hiring managers with 3 – 5 of the best candidates. Presented candidates were selected from a few hundred potential fits. It’s critical to move forward quickly with the interview process. I

Price Elasticity

One common trend within the electrical industry has remained over the past few decades; competitive pricing tends to fall within a relatively narrow band of variability. Product categories differ, of course; with wire/cable the price fluctuates with

Are Thank You Notes Passé?

As a recruiter I am always asked: Is that necessary? Do I send via email or snail mail? The better question is: why would you not send a thank you note? It would be sad in this very competitive market, if you lost the job to someone only because t


Part 2: Candidates, Branding Yourself to Ensure a Solid Job Offer Similar to Part 1: Branding Your Company to Attract Top Talent, candidates also have the opportunity to “brand” themselves.  Here are 3 things to focus on: 1) Prepare for the in

Long Tail Markets

Long tail distributions are a relatively arcane fascination by statisticians. Roughly, a long tail mimics the 80/20 rule; also known as a Pareto distribution. But in a series of articles and books by Chris Anderson (editor of Wired), it’s clear tha