Egret Consulting Group is proud to have been featured in a number of well-known industry publications. The posts below discuss various articles that Egret has written for various publications.

Equal Pay for All

In our last newsletter we addressed the changes in employment laws to strengthen the equality of pay across genders. In a recent Harvard Business Review* […]

EEOC Strikes Again

In an interesting development, Massachusetts recently passed legislation that outlaws the ability to ask a job applicant his/her current income. Specifically, it requires a company […]

Strategies in Light 2016 – LED and The Future of Lighting


Ted’s Presentation at Strategies in Light 2016 on LED and The Future of Lighting:

LED and The Future of Lighting

Egret Consulting Group Celebrates 15 Years!!


Egret Consulting Group Celebrates 15 years

Egret consulting Group, founded in 1999 celebrates their 15th year as the leading executive search firm specialized exclusively in the […]

2014 LED Show – How Design Can Save Lighting


Ted’s LED Show Presentation on How Design Can Save Lighting 2014:

LED Show 2014 Presentation


Technology Convergence and Leadership


Ted’s LightFair Presentation on the Technology Challenges in Lighting 2014:

2014 LightFair Presentation


Finding, Hiring, and Retaining Young Employees, Part II

In this article Ted shares his suggestions to “building: a solid training foundation for Millenials.


The Case for Specifier-Driven Fixture Design

“No Place for Spectators” – In this article Ted discusses how the design community has been grossly underutilized for product development. Innovative design firms can […]

LED Lighting’s Impact on the Signage Industry

Check out Ted’s article on LED lighting’s impact on the signage industry!

LED Lighting’s Success in General Illumination

Read the following LED article where Ted Konnerth discusses the importance of manufacturing, design and marketing steps for LED producers on the road to success […]