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Ask the Expert – April 2019

Q: Hi Prudence, I interviewed for a role about 10 days ago and haven’t heard anything back from anyone I met with. Would it be too pushy if I was to call or email them to see what’s going on? A: I’d be a bit concerned that it’s been 10 da

Ask the Expert – March 2018

Q: I interviewed for a sales position with a local supply house. The VP gave me his card with his cell number on it. I’ve not heard anything from them and it’s been about a week. Is it appropriate for me to text him? A: That's a tough call, I

Ask the Expert – January 2018

Q: I was reading your (Prudence) thoughts on LinkedIn on the ban on asking for salary history. I am starting to look for a new career and felt very uncomfortable filling that section out. I am in sales, good base but I get commission. What is best to

Ask the Expert – November 2017

Q: I just got a job offer from XYZ Company and did the background check and drug test. The drug test came back positive for THC. I live in a state where recreational use is legal and the company is telling me that they still have the right to pull th

Ask the Expert – September 2017

Q: I took a job sort of as a stop gap with a small distributor and now am ready to move on as my non-compete has expired. I WAS making over $100,000 in my previous job, but am now at $60,000. I have to fill in compensation on the job application for