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Ask the Expert – August 2017


What can I do to properly prepare for an interview?  – Scott


We get that question a lot!  A good professional recruiter will walk you through the process to prepare for both a telephone interview as well as your face to face interviews.  They should provide you with a list of who you will be meeting with as well as questions so you can prepare for what you may be asked, but more importantly a list of questions that YOU should be asking during the interview.

Check out each interviewer’s LI or social media story.

Leading up to the interview research and learn everything that you can, both about the company, their products, successes, and challenges.  Who are their competitors and what is their market share?  How do they go to market?  Who are their partners and vendors?  Regardless of the role you are interviewing for – sales, operations, marketing or engineering…do your due diligence to prepare.

Try to get a sense of the company’s culture and personality.  Your recruiter should give you direct insight, but look online…what do their social medial posts and tweets look like?  What does their website look like?

Prepare…prepare…prepare.  Have quantifiable data to substantiate your successes…numbers, percentages, increases, quotas, product launches, go to market strategies, etc.  Reflect on your career chronologically to date.

Thank you so much! – Rob