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Egret has worked with lighting consulting firms across the US to help them identify and attract lighting designers to support their efforts in architectural, LEED, theatrical, residential or commercial lighting applications. Our sourced candidates have certifications in LEED, LC or accredited lighting design degrees from top universities. Our designers work with AutoCAD, AGI, REVIT, Visual and other application software programs.

Egret has worked with large, world renowned lighting design firms to smaller, private lighting design firms as well as MEP firms and AE firms that have lighting design departments..

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Brooke Ziolo

Brooke Ziolo is a contingent and retained executive recruiter working exclusively within the Lighting Industry. To learn more about how she can help your Lighting company, LED company or Lighting Design Firm find talent, view her biography, LinkedIn, or click to email her below.

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Lighting Designer
New York, New York City
Posted 7 months ago

If you’ve been following my videos and blogs or attended my IES presentation, you'd know lighting design positions are in high demand...

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