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Egret Consulting Group has over 68 years of industry ties and relationships. We actively assist our clients in providing industry insights and solutions. We’ve referred consulting firms to our client companies, assisted in marketing companies for sale to our clients and helped steer researchers to informational sites or organizations.

We regularly search for information on the size of the industry as well sub-market niches; like wire/cable, LED or specifying consultant firms. As leaders in the industry, we value our ability to become a resource for electrical industry news to members of our community.

Future Smarts

The electrical industry is changing at a pace never-before seen in the history of any currently living citizen in this country. The technology infusion has been so rapid that the ‘next thing’ is in discussion before the ‘current thing’

Survey Says…

I read the recent research study on the Alternate Distribution Channels commissioned by NAED. The study is interesting in many regards; especially: Definition vs. recognition of alternative channels Survey results of perceived threats and

Fear of Hiring

Fear of hiring is a powerful force. Just the thought of hiring a stranger and bringing them into your own formal social network of real humans (as opposed to virtual) is unsettling. What if the new guy isn’t what we thought he was? What if he

Tech’d Up – Trends in the Tech Industry

The tech industry is all aflutter about the rumored decline in their market. The fallout from this trend is that the layoffs within the industry have been largely targeted against the more senior techies; most of whom are all of 40 years old. The

Lack of Talent in the Electrical Industry, and Other Myths

What’s the Buzz? Egret Consulting Group’s monthly newsletter, The Buzz, is a compilation of electrical industry insight, interviewing advice, job openings and networking opportunities. To ensure you’re staying up to date with what’s