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It’s Not Always About the Money

There are many reasons people change jobs but it’s rarely about money, yet it’s the first defense when a manager is handed a resignation. When a candidate gives notice, one of two things occur: a counteroffer or an escort out of the office. I believe employee retention falls squarely on the shoulders of management and the majority of candidates quit their job for reasons their manager could control. If employees don’t trust their leader to lead them, they lose respect for them and leave. Conversely, an employee who feels their manager recognizes their work, pays them fairly and invests in them and their career growth will stay…until the manager leaves.  

The reasons why people leave their jobs has changed over the years. Between 2008-11, most workers preferred job security over cool benefits or an amazing office or company culture. Prior to 2008, it was almost always about the money. Post 2011, employee concerns shifted to things like benefits and culture. Since 2014, the main reasons people left were for better opportunities, career advancement, more supportive culture and autonomy.  

Based on a study published by Jan Tegze, a long-time recruiter…gathered the reasons why people have left their jobs in the last 10 years.  

Things are shifting, there aren’t enough people to fill jobs now, tweaking your management style (or your management team) could mean all of the difference!

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